StarLake Holdings is dedicated to providing a home that respects and nurtures the culture, customer relationships, management and employees of exceptional businesses.

We appreciate and value the years, and sometime the generations of time, your clients have invested in building their businesses.

We are interested in acquiring the businesses that your clients may be interested in selling.  StarLake Holdings will provide your clients with a secure, well-capitalized and permanent home for the prized businesses they need to sell.

We are specifically interested in the following types of businesses:

$1 million+ annual earnings 

History of established profitability

Management team in place

Manufacturing, Service and Distribution

We maintain relationships with certified public accountants, attorneys, commercial bankers, investment bankers and business brokers.  We remain open to the recommendations you may make to your clients relative to how the sale of their businesses should be structured.  We also recognize the confidential nature of the relationships you have with your clients and handle all of our communications with discretion.

StarLake Holdings will entertain finders fee agreements with referral sources.  Fees for such agreements are subject to written agreement and are only paid upon completion of the introduced transaction.